Follow for follow


So I am trying to build up followers. If you follow me I will follow you. I also will share your link. Together we can help each other. So lets share the love folks. Blessing to all.

Ok folks. I’m updating this and will be sharing this again.

First off I am new to this blogging. I am in fact trying new things and learning as I go.

First off there are a few things I would like for y’all to know. I am by nature an introvert. That means I am more of a shy reticent person. I tend to quietly think and often times over think and end up thinking myself out of saying or doing sonething. Basically setting myself up for failure. One of my worst attributes. However there are times when I feel comfortable around a person I will be inquisitive, or be my silly goofy self. But what I’m trying to do here is create a following. I am as honest as the day is long. No gimmicks or click bait. Now if you already have a big following that’s awesome. Kudos to you and all your hard work you put in to get your followers. The bottom line of what I’m saying here is….. Rather you have a big folowing or a small following, I will follow for follow and I will share and supprt your content if you would be so kind to do the same for me. I may have something interesting to blog about and one of your followes may find intersting. And the same goes for you and your content. So that being said, lets help each other. Much love and appreciation.


3 thoughts on “Follow for follow

  1. I am more than glad to follow for follow. At first, I thought your blog post didn’t make much sense. However, after reading more of it, I fell for the authenticity with your words and mannerisms. Continue to blog like crazy my friend! Can’t wait to see more of your writing!