Good Friday


Good morning beautiful people and yes I’m talking to the one who don’t think, or don’t feel beautiful. Because we are all God’s children and he made us perfect in his image. Sooo that being said just know you are a beautiful person and you are loved.

Today we are going to be doing the grill. I love doing the grill. I will post pictures later on.

When we (my son and I) grill we use our beloved iron skillets. I make two different salsas. One is mild for me, my sin and mom. We don’t like super hot. Where as for my brother (sasquatch) he loves spicy hot so he gets a pan of salsa all to his self. 😂 I also use an iron skillet to make refried beans. I know refried beans are not a big deal, BUT when you cook them on the grill in an iron skillet they hit different. Trust me. Then we have thinly sliced ribs. Oh so goood oh and homemade tortillas. So thats the plan for today. But while you’re here you should check out these two links. this one has some really cute handmade gifts. You can also ask about gift baskets and coffee mugs. This one has some really beautiful jewelry. So yeah check them out.

Y’all have a beautiful day