So sleep is a tricky thing for me now days. When I was working I was on a job for 10 years and had to be at work by 2:00 a.m. I would wake up at midnight. Then I got laid off. I was a bit stressed, but 6 weeks later I landed another job. ONLY to be laid of 14 months later. Then the pandemic hit.

So for now I stay home and take care of mom. My brother and I share responsibility of taking care of mom. Thankfully he has a job. The truth is mom is getting up in her years and I am not feeling real comfortable leaving her alone all day. She can still do a lot for her self, it’s just that she’s asthmatic with C.O.P.D so she gets winded easily. She can’t stand up for long periods of time. Which makes it difficult for her to cook. She does still enjoy cooking, just has a hard time because she uses her walker with a built in seat. I don’t like her being at the gas stove sitting down it makes me nervous. I’m afraid she’ll get burned. Sadly I have at LEAST 16 more years until I can officially retire. ( might as well be a thousand years)

At this point, I really don’t want to go back to work BECAUSE I will worry about mom. But I also have worked since I was old enough to work and can count on one hand how many times I’ve been out of work.

Now this post was about sleep and how tricky it can be. All day I’ve been sleepy. Now its 10:30 at night and my mind wont stop. I’m anxious about a lot of things. I wish my little online store would bring a source of income, so I could comfortably stay home with mom. I think that’s most of the chatter in my mind.

Any way if someone knows of some natural holistic sleep remedy leave a comment. Thanks. I’m going to say a pray and lie really still with my eyes shut. Have a good night all. He is risen amen