Just desserts


So in my last blog I said I was going to try and blog everyday. So I had an idea. This would most likely be for the people in close proximity of me. AND I would have to do a little more research, BUT I was thinking about doing a bake sale. Things that are not temperature sensitive. Like cookies, cakes and maybe breads like banana nut bread ( nuts) are optional. I would bake the classic chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate macadamia cookies. I would make MY version of oreo cookies. And maybe some season mixes. I have a fajita season mix that my family loves. I could make homemade tortillas. Of course some of these items would have to be ordered in advance to give me time to make them. I prefer fresh baked or cooked food.

But for now I’m just brainstorming some ideas. The bigger curiosity is who would be interested in purchasing these items. People at my last job loved my desserts. One lady I worked with actually had me make her sons graduation cake. My boss at Netflix even had me make a celebration cake because we as a whole company had X amount of BILLION subscribers. He told me I was in the wrong business and that I should open a bakery 😂. One year for Christmas I made cookies for all my coworkers. And they LOVED them. One coworker asked me daily when was I going to make some more of them oreo cookies.

When my son was younger, he never ate frozen foods. I always cooked fresh for him. EVEN though I was a single mom. Of course this was the kid that when I took him to the grocery store with me, I couldn’t leave the produce section without grapes.

We went to Mexico for Christmas when he was 19 months old. I remember they had made little treat bags for all the little ones. They put one fruit and the rest was different candies. So Santana reached in the bag, and got the orange. He handed it to me to peel. After he finished the orange. He with his liitle mind had and idea. In hindsight I have to say it was the cutest thing. But he took a piece of candy and walked over to another child who had his treat bag dumped out onto the floor he handed the little boy the piece of candy. Looked him in the face and jibber jabber to him while reaching with his other hand the little boys orange and brought the orange back to me to peel it. Everybody who seen it laughed. And as he grew he wasn’t a candy kind of kid. You know how most kids have candy on the brain? Mine did not. From time to time he would ask for a sneakers I would of course get it for him but he would eat half of it, put it in the fridge for later and I’m throwing it away a week later.

Now my ideas for cookies off the top of my head with this random thoughts and ideas.

1.Chocolate chip cookies
2.oatmeal raisin cookies
3.snickerdoodle cookies
4.white chocolate macadamia nut cookies
5.chocolate chocolatechip cookies.
(you can choose white chocolate chip or choloate chips
6 my version of oreos
7.creamcheese cookies
8.peanut butter cookies

1.banana nut bread. The nuts are optional
2.blueberry lemon bread.
3.chocolate muffins
4.cheesecake muffins

Seasoning mixes
1.fajita seasoning mix.
2.lipton onion soup mix

Side note the fore mentioned breads can also be muffins.

So as mentioned earlier who would be interested in purchasing these items, but also what price would you be willing to pay?

all insincerity you have to consider cost of supplies, time, and effort, as well as equipment needed to make them, AND packaging. There’s a lot of elements to consider when a consumer considers a phrchase.