New blogger.


So I’m new ti blogging. Not sure what to blog about. I feel like blogs are mostly about opinions on different topics, or sharing a unique experience. Maybe venting frustration. But I will keep blogging as long as I have a thought in mind.

For me the main reason I started blogging is because I am trying an ecommerce store. I have some hand made items crafting so to say. I had gotten laid of from a job I worked at for 10 years. But was lucky enough to land another job 6 weeks later. ONLY to get laid off 14 months later. So then I decided I would go back to school. I wanted to get my G.E.D. I know it sounds crazy. Quite frankly I feel that as long as you know how to read, write, and know basic arithmetic some science then thats good enough. THAT being said, I am not saying education is a bad thing. I just think IF you know the basics, THEN you can start to focus on a skill or a degree. I don’t believe everybody can be a CEO. Sure everyone can succeed and be or do what you want, or like, or enjoy doing. If school is supposed to be setting you up for your future, then I think there should be more focus on YOUR future, meaning by a certain age most kids have a realistic idea of what they like, or have an interest in. Even if you want to go to college you always have ti choose an elective WHY? You have already decided what your study will be. Any way ( I digress)

Let’s just say for example you enjoy science. You’re fascinated by the way it works how things do what they do. Then in the field of science there are soooo many branches of study pick the one you’re most interested in and become a Scientist of some field of study. Or let’s say you love numbers and working with numbers then you could study math and get in to a field as an accountant, or a stock broker. Maybe you love the art of writing. Then focus on being a writer. But not once you graduate, THEN go to college. I’m saying during high school. So when you graduate you can decide if, or what college you want to go depending what they offer and your field of study.

I know I did not really articulate clearly what I wanted to say, but it’s just a random thought. Because with out a high school diploma or G E.D you’re really NOT going to go far in life, UNLESS you are your own boss. Even then you need some business sense. BUT you can’t get that without a high school diploma/G.E.D. They use the argument of. ” well it gives you a sense of completion” or ” it shows that you’re able to finish a task” Well I know what if feel like to “COMPLETE” Something. I went to a school got my certificate as a CNA. Then when looking for work, NO ONE wanted to hire me because I had no experience. Well DUH! I also KNEW I wouldn’t be making $20.00 buck an hour, but I also didn’t expext it would be minimum wage. When a hospice was willing to “take a chance” at hiring me, they was only going to work me part time. At best 20 hours a week. At that particular time I disparately needed full time work because I was a single mother. Now at the same time, a parking facility was wilking to hire me at fulltime with the same pay. Soooo needless to say I took the full time position. Ended up staying there for for 6 years.

Then I went to work for Netflix. I was there for 10 years. Then they decided to move operations to Dallas. 6 weeks later I landed a job at an energy company. BUT I got laid off 14 months later. And THAT’S what prompt me to go back to school and get my G.E.D and try to land a job that it didn’t have so much demanding physical labor. Then Covid-19 hit. Shut downs took place. So being as I was so used to working all the time I kept myself busy crafting. Then I thought why not sell online. And so I created an ecommerce. Yet it’s not doing as well as I hoped. But my son who is my biggest supporter keeps telling me to keep at it you just need to get seen. So I decided to try this blog thing. I’m going to try and post EVERYDAY and share, but the thing is I don’t have a large grouo of friends so it only goes so far. But here I am trying it. So please ask me anything.