Sweet treats


Ok so I’m brainstorming again. I have looked into Texas Cottage laws. Found some good information. People who know me know I can cook. I love cooking, and really enjoy baking. That being said. I am going to start offering baked goods soon. I need some ideas of what types of sweets y’all would be interested in purchasing. I have a few ideas now, but I want to make sure I haven’t missed anything. However there are certain items I can’t sell but as long as they fall into the cottage laws I’m good. So basically it’s food that are NOT temperature sensitive. For example cookies, cakes, and breads. However cakes are a bit difficult on account of the icing. But I can ship items like cookies, and breads. That being said. I soon will be offering said items.

So as far as the Texas Cottage laws, I can ship cookies, muffins, and certain other food items, but ONLY in the state of Texas. So this will only apply to Texas folk. Sorry I don’t make the rules.