Sunday morning, and a need to fulfill my word. Which is blog everyday. As I reflect on this idea of blogging everyday there are times an idea comes across my mind that hardly IF anybody see your blog, and the one or two that does see my blog wouldn’t even know OR care if I did this every day. Yet I remember a time your word was just as good as a hand shake. Meaning, if you shake another person’s hand in an agreement on something, that was the same as signing a deal, or a contract. There was a time when people cared about what you thought of them. And when I say cared about what you thought of them, I’m not talking about rather or not they’re a jerk, or arrogant. I’m talking about their character. The fact that they keep their word. If they said they will do something, come hell or high water you best believe they will do it. That being said I worked with a person who LOVED pushing people’s buttons. She loved getting under people’s skin. BUT when there was work to be done at work, she would work. Truth is if we had to team up to get something done, I would want her on my team. Yet I couldn’t stand how she loves, craved and created drama.

I would like for people to think of me as a good person. That I keep my word. If I make a promise to you said promise will be done. I am as honest as I can be with people. That could be why my circle of real life friends are small. Not many people can handle what a true and loyal friend REALLY is. OR at least my idea of friendship.

They know I would never speak bad behind their back. They can trust if I want to say something good or bad about them I will say it to that person. I don’t play the friend while you’re around me then dog you when you’re not around.

So now that I got that said. Seems I made the blog. 😂

I hope you all have a wonderful Suday. Be sure to take some time to yourself and ready yourself for another week. Be safe have an awesome day ❤✌