New Day


So it’s a new day, and another blog. All day yesterday I had thought after thought about something to write about. Now it’s the moment to write aaaaannndd BLANK. Couldn’t even come up with an eye catching title.

I have said in another blog I was going to write the ideas down. That’s a laugh because the ideas seem to come to mind while I’m preoccupied with something else and at that present moment cannot write it down. The biggest lie I tell myself is….. “I wont forget” I know it’s a lie the minute I say it because half the time I walk out of one room with intentions of getting something from the other room and from point A to point B I FORGET what I was going to get.

I’m just curious. How many people have that happen to them, and at what point should it be considered an issue? NOW I have an idea!

Speaking on memory, or as my niece and I like to say “re-momory.” As far as for me, I’ve been told I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attatched, because I am CONSTANTLY forgetting something. Example on Sundays I cook my sons lunch for his work week. It’s not much beans, rice and a chicken medly with zucchini, squash, bell pepper, broccoli, and sweet potato The chicken medley is on a sheet pan. So everything was going good. There was about 5 minutes left on his rice so I added the peas, and continued on with his luch. I don’t know how much time passed, but I was making myself a sandwich when in my peripheral vision seen steam coming from the pot I was cooking the rice. I curiously look at the pot and said why is it….then I realized, I never went back to it and turned it off. Ok so I burnt the rice. Now it’s trashed. Ok start over. We still have carrots and peas. Chopped up the carrots. Got it going again in a different pot because the other one is going to need some elbow grease to get cleaned. Guess what ya girl did…….. If you guest that I burned that pot of rice then you my friend are correct. Sooooo I did a THIRD pot. This time I managed to cook it WITHOUT burning it. Yay me. 😶 That’s just one day of “forgetfulness.” But my curiosity is why do we forget little things BUT those little things are so significant at the same time. I leave the house without my phone far too often. Why? The brain is a tricky thing. But at what point should forgetfulness be a matter to be looked into? Maybe there are some little tricks I can do to NOT be so forgetful.

Now as mention before I worked at a job where I had to be there at 2:00 A.M. So in those early morning hours there’s not much on the radio, but one morning I stumbled onto a talkshow. This guy (the hosts name evades me at the moment) had some interesting topics on a daily basis. So I started looking forward to his shows in the early morning hours. But one topic in particular had me rather intrigued. His guest was talking about memories. He was talking about the fact that a person can have false memories. I have tried to find the archive of that show since then. I wanted to listen to it in it’s entirety. From that talkshow it has made me wonder about MY memories. Are some of my memories, as I look back into the years of my life, false?

The guest at one point talked about how certain events can trick your mind. Trauma for example is one of the events that you’re fully aware of whats going on AT THAT moment, but when questioned after said traumatic event there are key elements that are not in your memory, but another person who experienced the same thing with you will have a different memory of the events.

Early one Sunday morning, I was coming back from the grocery store. As I approached the light where I was to turn, and preparing to get into the right lane to turn, at the same time I’m watching the light the light is actually red but as I’m switching lanes I see it turn green. So I say to myself oh good it’s green I can just turn without having to stop and yield to traffic. Now as I’m arriving to my turning point ( at least 3 vehicles) have crossed the intersection when I see another vehicle coming from the street I’m fixing to turn onto. He was going fast and I thought oh my goodness is he going to stop!? As I’m saying that he ran smack through that red light. He hit an older model SUV made it spin around and it rolled over maybe twice but landed upright, now because of that hit into the SUV it caused 2 other vehicles to have a hit. But at the time of me watching the SUV roll I thought this person is going to be seriously hurt or worse. So I pulled into the gas station called 911. Some how the lady in the SUV got out of her vehicle and was sitting on the ground. She had a really bad cut some where on her arm and because of the roll over she had glass every where on her. People who witnessed what happened came to help, there was a half a dozen people there including myself. The lady in the SUV was asking for water. I had just bought some so I get bottles of water for the people involved in the accident. Also by the time I come back with the waters there was a gentleman who arrived on the scene. So I asked if he was her husband he said no that he’s a friend of the family. So I said to him that she’s asking for water, but tell her NOT to swallow because she has glass in her mouth and she don’t need to get it into her stomach. Now this poor lady was so distraught I wanted to tell her friend to tell her what I explained to him because I know she wasn’t really HEARING what other people was saying to her. I mean she was JUST in a rollover accident with that trauma the brain is trying to process so much at such a short and quick time. Now with all THAT being said….. I can’t even tell you one description about the car that ran the red light. What color, make model NOTHING yet I witnessed the whole thing. And I can guarantee you the officers there got so many different versions of what each witness saw. Just for the record, there just happened to be a tow truck driver who witnessed the wreck. He and his wife witnessed it. Apparently his wife was driving, so he got out from the truck and his wife chased the driver down he had ran into a ditch about a mile or two up the road. So thank goodness for that. They held him there until the police showed up. No license or insurance.

Now in trying to remember facts about that event. There are things that matter like what make, model, and color of the car are vital facts that my memory cannot bring forward. Which made me think of the talkshow about memory.

Well that’s my blog for the day. With all that I’m going to work on my memory. Try to improve on NOT forgetting things. Y’all have a wonderful day ✌❤