I challenged myself to write a blog everyday. This has become very challenging. I started blogging to promote my ecommerce store. Trying to do the whole “marketing” thing without paying an arm and a leg.

So here I am a new day and a blank mind. Doing this challenge. I am getting followers which is nice and much appreciated. I just wish I could get clients. I can make custum coffee mugs, beautiful gift baskets, beautiful wreaths. I have bib aprons that have sublimated designs on them. If you go look at my home page there are most of my items I have to offer. You can purchase them from there if you have a paypal account, or you can go to my online store, if you see something that interest’s you and you don’t have a paypal account. There is another option you can use. Thank you for your time.

The last two items in the above photo are sublimated aprons. They can be put on a coffee mug as well. I can do tumblers but am out of stock at the moment.