This is me holding up my end of the challenge, to write a blog EVERYDAY.

For now I have left the title blank and since I’m new to blogging, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to put a title.

So here I am with a blank on what to write about. For the most part I’m only doing this to try and get traffic to my store.

The difference is, I’m being honest about it. I used to have pretty decent people skills. I was never a sales person, but as a cashier I could quickly determine a persons sense of humor. Or I could read to an extent a persons body language. With those unpolished skills I could hold a conversation with them. Now days I’m ALMOST afraid to say good morning or after noon.

I know not EVERYBODY is going to snap at you for speaking. Most often they pretend not to hear, or they actually did not hear. I remember a time when I could hold a conversation with a complete stranger as if we knew each other for years.

But through my years I feel as though I’ve become jaded. I’m not sure if jaded is the word maybe more reticent. I love having conversation. I enjoy hearing other people’s thoughts, ideas and opinions. I think for the most part, I want to understand different people. How they think. Someone once told me I should be a psychologist, because I’m a good listener. But I never really delved into it. Sometimes people just need to talk to a person and get an unbiased opinion about something.

There was a lady I worked with at Netflix, she and I disagreed on A LOT of things, but we was ALWAYS respectful in our disagreements. It’s rare to find people like her now days. Because if you don’t agree with them then you’re against them.

I still believe there are more good people than bad people in this world. But right now in this time there are a lot of angry people that are right on the edge. To be fair since this pandemic has started people in general has changed. They are easily set off, and it’s not that one act someone did. It’s the compilation of past and current events that AT THAT MOMENT they snapped. And unleashed a tirade of anger onto this person who unintentionally crossed his/path. Honestly everybody is under so much added stress right now. We should be more forgiving. Just an example of what I’m talking about. My son works a late shift, he usually comes to my house on Fridays after work and stay the night and go to work from my house Saturday. So Friday he asked me to go and get him a 6pack. So I did now the corner store was crowded. When I got inline to pay, I honestly thought there was 2 lines so I take a line and stand 6 feet back because “covid” and wait my turn. When the 2 people at the counter finished, I proceed to take my turn, when a guy from my right let out a very audible sigh and went ahead of me. I just stopped and apologized explaining that I thought there was 2 lines. Now I could tell by the way he looked at me that he was ready to snap if I argued I was next. To be honest it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. But this person seemed to be one of the ones on edge. Now when he got to the counter I heard him asking for money orders. But IF I had been the person I used to be. Because at one point in my life I was, that angry at the world person. I’m not proud of it but I felt like it was me against the world in a constant battle with EVERYBODY. Because everybody is the enemy.

So I’m working on patients and being more kind in heated situation. Working on defusing the fire rather than feeding the fire.

So thats my blog for today. I think I’ll title this one KINDNESS