What’s the difference between the three? Can a person be one or the other or a little of all three? Can a person grow into one of the three or grow out of the three?

Introvert. shy, reticent person.


Extrovert. an outgoing, overtly expressive person.


Ambivert. a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features


I once had a conversation with a coworker about these three words. I had just discovered them and was curious about his perspective on this subject. As we spoke on these words, I asked him which of these words would you use to describe yourself? He thought for a moment and said he would be more of an introvert. Then it sparked more curiosity. I posed the question….Do you think a person can grow into or grow out of fore mentioned words? Of course there was no definitive answer, but it did spark his curiosity. He also had a younger brother who worked there for a brief time. They was complete opposite. The younger brother was more expressive. Although he and I never had conversations I would say the younger brother appeared to be more of an extrovert.

I was curious about this topic because I had began to notice I was not as comfortable around crowds of people as I once was. I was a cashier for years, so I had to be pleasant to any and all people who chose my services. That being said, you have to be able to get a quick assessment of this person and converse with their personality. Then I started a job in a warehouse where you basically worked with the same people every day. Once you knew them and their personality that was it. You act according to that persons personality. There was no switching gears, you knew who was who. I grew comfortable with that particular environment. But 10 years later and the company moves operations to Dallas and now I realize I actually have anxiety. The thought of going back to being a cashier meant I now have to socialize with absolute strangers. I wasn’t sure if I could do that again. I had gotten so comfortable in my position.

I was at this warehouse job for 10 years and I watched it dwindle down from hundreds of employees to just 5 employees. It was no surprise that particular industry was dying. So one morning our supervisor called a meeting with the three employees that was full-time ( the other 2 was temps) and informed us we would be closing shop. We was informed of our severance package and with that package they hooked us up with a company to help us write out our resume. I took full advantage of the resume, and ended up with a well written resume. But 6 weeks after the lay off a recruiter called me for a job. When I went in to fill out paper work, she and I sat in her office and talked as if we knew each other forever. I know I can have conversations with people. But for the most part small talk is not so easy for me now. And that’s one of the reasons for my questions about these three words. I would love to hear y’alls thoughts and opinions on this topic, and I look forward to reading y’alls thoughts and opinions, or even your personal experience. And that’s my blog for the day.

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3 thoughts on “Introvert/Extrovert/Ambivert.

    1. incognito – Not much to say, I guess you could call me an introvert. But with the right topic, and the right people, I could enjoy a conversation .
      incognito says:

      Good morning and Thank you for the comment. I was always scared of the dentist. I knew he was going to bring real pain. I know I’m not the only one that was scared, so it makes me think maybe your socializing was a bit more challenging as you probably had to “calm” people down. Talk them out of their anxiety they may have had due to a procedure they was nervous about.

      1. Absolutely! I liked reassuring people who were nervous. It felt very rewarding at the end of the day to know I helped them some how. And I have to say even though I have worked in a dental office for 10+ I am still nervous for my own check up 😅😅😅