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My deepest and sincerest condolences to the parents of this young teenager. I couldn’t imagine the pain you’re feeling. I’m praying God’s comfort in your time of grief. In Jesus name Amen.

I literally JUST blogged about social media and how it can impact our lives in different ways. As I said in the previous blog it can change a persons personality.

But also I feel like it can isolate a person without said person even knowing they are in fact isolated. Take for example I am trying to get followers. I try to blog and get attention. At least to my blog and maybe travel over to my ecommerce site. (Yes a shameful plug in here) Then I am constantly going back to check my stats. Only to feel a sense of disappointment. I don’t see the numbers I’d like to see. After a brief sigh and regroup, I start looking for better blogging ideas, or topics. But, this link at the bottom of this blog is touching on what I was blogging about in this morning’s post. It’s about a young teen who sadly lost his life from a tiktok challenge. I have the tiktok app like most people do. I even have a few short videos posted. But, I am from the old school. We actually played outside. We rode bikes, jumped ditches and got broken arms. But we had fun.

Sadly now a days it take a bouble income to comfortably raise a family. That means both parents work. With both parents working it makes it difficult to monitor you children 24/7. But as parents we HAVE to make time for our children. You work so hard at giving them what they need as far as a roof over their head, food on the table, and clothes on their backs. And yes all that is well and good, and it shows there is love for them because you break your back giving them those basic needs. But I promise you they need something deeper. They need that connection as a parent. They want and need conversation. I know with a teen it’s difficult. Gosh I remember my son when he was a teen. Having a conversation with him at times, was like pulling teeth.

When he was young we had lots of conversations. To me at the time seemed meaningless. We talked about ninja turtles, Power Rangers, and pokemon. I didn’t know one thing about those topics so to me they was meaningless. But to my son it meant a lot. So the point I’m trying to make here is…if you don’t start the conversations when they are young, forget about trying to have any form of communication when they’re a teen. Trust is a small 5 letter word, but you have to build that word into a structure. It starts when they’re young. But it’s a very delicate thing you have to keep it safe.

I’m just trying to say here is we need to make time to spend with our children. The neighborhood we lived in was certainly not a safe place. There was gangs and crime every where you look. But the one thing my son said to me that made me feel a sense of relief was he never joined a gang because he didn’t want to disappoint me. That told me he thinks before making a decision. We as parents should have that impact on our children. Because if they don’t want to disappoint their parents that speaks volumes.

I wish tiktok would make a challenge about graduating school. Or making good grades. Or anything positive.


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  1. The time we are living in is a very scary place to raise our kids. My boys are still very young. You are very Blessed that your son considered your feeling to do the right thing 🙏🙏