Rainy Day


Good morning everyone. I had some things to do today. But I woke up to a thunderstorm 😔 I needed to get to the store and get things I needed for my sons birthday. Ugh he turns 30! This Sunday. And today he starts his vacation. YAY! Which means he will be spending this whole week with me! YAY! So we had made plans so to say for his birthday. Now he is not one to celebrate his birthday. In fact we really don’t “celebrate” most holidays EXCEPT Thanksgiving. That’s the one holiday we both love. The others ehh. I mean sure we acknowledge they do exist. But now his birthday is just another day to him. If I had to analyze why, I could link it to the passing of my granny and his great granny, as well as his mama Pita on his dads side of the family. Sadly my son lost 2 grandmothers days apart. His mama Pita passed April 28, and his great grandma passed away 2 days later. He wasn’t able to see his mama Pita because she lived in Mexico, and sadly was unable to say goodbye. Then his great grandma passed away and my uncles who took care of her funeral services held her service ON his birthday. It was not their intentions. It just happened that way.

Then to make matters worse. I was at work when she passed. I had to catch a bus home because I didn’t have a car at the time. My Aunt volunteered at tge school my son attended at tge time, because her grand kids went to school there. My Aunt told my son about granny. Which she shouldn’t have. She should have let me talk ti him. A lot of people didn’t know, but my son was the only one out of all her great grandchildren that could walk in her house and go straight to her refrigerator and get a snack or whatever was in there he wanted. But tgen again she babysat him while I worked. So there was a bond between them. So long story short I think that’s the reason he don’t care to “celebrate” his birthday.

But he does enjoy a hand made cake. I used to do that for family. I was no professional, but I made some decent cakes.

This is something I did for my sisters twins they was still young
I made this one while I worked at Netflix. We was celebrating a milestone as a whole the company had 4 billion subscribers.
This was one of my very fist ones. It was for my mom’s birthday.
This is an edible cake topper I made for a coworker at my brother’s job
This one I made for a coworker at Netflix. He loved Mario brothers
This one I made for mom on her 70th birthday
And this is my son. ❤❤ I just noticed he has the same smile as an adult that he has in the baby pic 😂

Ok rain seems to have settled I’m going to get while the gettings good.