Rainy Day pt 2


Yesterday I blogged about my sons birthday. I was just killing time while waiting for the rain to stop. I had touched on reasons why he didn’t care to celebrate his birthday.

So weeks befor his birthday he was planning to take a vacation. He wasn’t planning any kind of travel. For some people vacation is JUST knowing you don’t HAVE to wake up at a certain time and be some where on time and be productive. Just knowing you don’t have to do ANYTHING is a vacation. However his birthday is Sunday and he DID plan to spend that day here at home. But his girlfriend had other plans. She talked him into spending that day with her. My son is a softy to an extent. So he called me Thursday night and explained to me the change of plans. I could tell he felt a bad because I think he felt like he was letting me down. In truth he was. But let me explain something. From the age of probably 5yrs old every Christmas and summer holidays he went to Mexico to visit his dads side of the family. I got all kinds of negative responses from my family members. In short they thought I was crazy and that at one point his dad will not bring him back. Well first of all I could understand their fears, however even though his dad and I had our “relationship” issues I knew in my heart of hearts he would never take and leave my son in Mexico. The biggest reason is, his dad is a mama’s boy to the core. I, in fact had a double whammy so to say. He was a mama’s boy AND the last child for 5 years. Then his parents had 3 more children. So when I gave birth to our son, dad went to Mexico 2 weeks later. When he came back he told me his mom asked about me and the baby. He said he told his mom he wanted to take the baby from me. He then told me his mom got so angry and told him you NEVER take a womans baby from her. ( the thing is, at this point I hadn’t met his parents) His mom knew nothing about me, but was quick to jump on her son. Now I did eventually meet his mom. She was the sweetest lady one could have the pleasure of knowing. But still every summer and Christmas he went to Mexico, when in truth I wanted him here. So basically I’m used to being let down. But to see him excited about going out weighed my disappointment. Yes I was sad and disappointed, but to see your child excited and happy about something is a way better feeling.

So yes his girlfriend convincing him to spend the day with him IS a disappointment, but he also has to have a life.

He told me that he explained to his girlfriend how he don’t care to make a big deal over his birthday. And yes just as I wrote in pt 1 it does stem from the loss of Granny. Also as I mentioned in pt1 we had her services on his birthday.

So for me being disappointed is normal. However I do plan to make him a cake. I’m going to attempt at making a cake carved into a gran piano. So it works with him being gone with his girlfriend. My hope is to surprise him with this cake. He really enjoys when a person takes time and hand makes something. He appreciate the time and thought that goes into the project. Plus the fact that I make my own fondant that taste better than the store bought fondant. As I said before I used to do a lit of cake making, then something happened and I lost my love of creation. So wish me luck on this little adventure of creating a grand piano cake.