Rainy Day pt 3


Well I woke up late. I had a great plan laid out yesterday for today. BUUUUT as we all know often times plans don’t go in the direction we planned. Typical.😶 So yesterday was a flop because….we was to take my sons car and get it serviced. We was just going to drop it off and come back to the house and wait. Then, he was going to go spend the day with his girlfriend. Well the service on the car was SUPPOSED to be an 1 to 1 1/2hours. So while we was waiting he was looking at trading his car for same model, but the sport model. He found one and wanted to go look at it. BUT the thing is it’s on the south side of town. I don’t like the southside AT ALL. He asked if I wanted to go with and I said sure. Now I’m in panic mode. For one we are going to get on the freeway. I really dislike freeway driving. But if you’re going to get anywhere in Houston you drive freeway. I mean you could take another route but to get from where we are to the car lot that would have taken an hour or more. So it would have been the freeway so that’s panic #1 THEN going to southside alone is a panic because I don’t know that side of town very well. Not to mention there are some unsavory folks overthere. There are bad areas all over, I just feel better if I’m in an area of town where I know the streets and where they lead to. However, they took longer than expected and we ended up not going. Boy when I tell you I was so very thankful for that. So getting the car serviced took up the whole day. But I planned to start his cake as soon as he went to visit his girlfriend. I thought I would have had at least 8 hours with him gone. But he didn’t leave until 6 pm But the moment he left I started getting the stuff I bought and whip up the cakes and the homemade fondant and make the modeling chocolate and have everything done so that today all I needed to do was stack and carve the cakes and decorate it. 😶 I was able to get the cakes baked, made the findant and I had already cut the cakes to the shape I wanted, and I had JUST made the buttercream frosting when…..I get a text from him saying he headed back 😶. So now I have to figure out where in the heck I’m going to hide this stuff. I quickly crumb coat the cakes and cover them. Then I hide all the other items. Thankfully he still has no clue that I’m making this cake for his birthday. Hopefully he will leave earlier today to go see his girlfriend and I can finish his cakes. So that’s the blog for today. I will post pictures IF the cake turns out 😁 have a blessed Sunday