My Personal Struggle With Obesity


I have not had a theme for any of my blogs. Basically just rambling thoughts. However I think I’m going to leave my comfort zone. I’m going to hold myself accountable and start a weight loss journal.

Since I have been out of work, and lets just go ahead and throw the pandemic in here, I have gained some weight. I have always struggled with weight. Society has this idea of what we should look like, but I really just want to be at a healthy weight. So here I go.

  • Day one 5/12/2021
  • Weight 214.2

My goal weight.. Is140.00. My target weight loss is 74lbs.

So far this morning I’ve only had 2 cups of coffee. Today my plan is to fast. Now I don’t know much about the keto, or intermittent fasting, so basically I’m going to wing it. I plan to make healthier choices. I plan to have a steak and salad tonight for dinner and that will be my only meal for today. I will however be drinking plenty of water, and tea.

I have learned that sugar is the culprit. I shamefully admit I have a sugar addiction. I crave sweets and when I have them I WILL NOT STOP eating it until it’s gone. I’m not proud of that fact. But knowing it is part of the battle. Now I plan to stop eating sugery foods. But as a sourherner I will NEVER drink unsweetened tea (that’s blasphemy) 😁 and I will continue putting sweetener in my coffee. It’s way to bitter with out. However I think cutting, or weaning myself off sugar by NOT eating candy, cakes, and icecream is a good start. BABY STEPS.

I’ll be back tomorrow with an update, and what I did if I worked out.