My Personal Struggle With Obesity Day 4


I was going to get up early have my coffee, then……

So yesterday was wasted. My son was telling me he wanted BBQ beef baked potato when he comes over this weekend. So I planned on getting up early, have my coffee, then take my walk and got to the store and get all the stuff needed for this bbq beef tater.

I told mom that I was going to the store tomorrow (meaning yesterday Friday) she said she needed to go to the bank. Well because of THAT I changed my plan for walking. Now usually she’s ready to go out and about by 10:30 But yesterday I guess she needed to watch her soaps. Apparently there was someone who was about to be exposed for their cheating, or their lies, or maybe the wife was about to catch her husband red handed cheating, or vice versa, anything is possible on those crap shows. Now once those start she’s in them form 11:00 to 1:00. Now, while I’m waiting for her to get ready to go I made a couple Tree Of Life hoops. They’re small but cute.

Tree of life

I want to make bigger ones, but I can’t find bigger hoops. But I digress. 😶

So her soaps are over, I hear her come out of her room, I’m thinking she’s ready, but NOOO she started a load of wash 😱 seriously? Ok now I’m thinking she’s going to get dressed. Now it’s 2:00 p.m. Now just so you know, I hadn’t eaten all this time, because I was planning on having a healthy lunch and a small light dinner. But NOW it’s 2:00 p.m. and no sign of rather she’s ready to go to the store. Now I did remind her in the morning that I was STILL planning on going to the store, and asked did she still want to go with. She responds with ” yes I still need to go to the bank”

The thing is, the other day when I told her I was going to take a walk, she asked me where was I going to walk. I told her the park that about a block or two away. Sge said I wish I could walk with you, but I can’t. I agreed and said yeah it would be nice, but you get tired just walking in the stores, there’s no way you could walk on the terrain at the park. THEN we have this frustrating discussion about I don’t want her tagging along. Now of course if I’m going to take a walk for the sake of a workout NO! I really don’t want you tagging along because I’m not taking a stroll through the park. I’m walking with intent to increase my heart rate, so I WILL be walking fast. At least in my mind I will be walking fast. I completely understand she is up in her years, when we do go lut and about together I stay right with her. I stand behind her as she gets into her car. I go into the stores looking for a scoiter to bring to her. I am her personal taxi. But apparently when I try to have “me” time, I don’t want her around, or tagging along 😶 But then again this is coming from a person who DOES NOT LIKE BEING ALONE. Where as for me……I CHERISH my solitude. Cleary we are complete opposite. 😂

Now she knows me. She knows I avoid crowds as much as I can. I ALWAYS try to get to the stores before the masses.

So now I’m frustrated and I go to her room and ask did she want to go to the bank at anytime BEFORE they close. Her response😶 ALMOST sent me over the edge. BUT first, because she’s my mom I held back. Her response was…… “I’m waiting on you.” 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

Now a little background info. My wonderful mom way back in the 80’s had her gall bladder removed due to having gall stones. Now every since then, her digestive track is unpredictable. Sometimes, right after she has her breakfast she has to (take care of business) other times it take hours for said event. So I had told her we’ll wait until you (handle you business) AND that’s why I almost lost it. Because I’m not going to go and ask her has she done the deed because I don’t want her to feel pressured. She KNOWS that about me. I certainly wouldn’t want someone asking me all morning if I’ve…….. Knowing I’m the hold up until….

So I took a deep breath and said I was waiting for you to handle your business without putting pressure on you.

So finally 2:30 p.m we’re going to the store. And to top it off…..there’s no small trimmed brisket for the pulled beef. 😶 so I decided I would try another store. But mom is pickling up stuff here and there, asking me do we need this, that and the other. Then she says what are you going to do about the brisket? I told her I was going to go to Walmart. So we finished up at Krogers and went to Walmart, they didn’t have it there, so I decided to go to the super Walmart still no luck. So we made it back home. No sweet potatoes and no pulled beef.

NOW today Saturday my son wants me to try today and find it, but he don’t leave until 11:00 for work AND the fact that it’s Saturday means ALL the stores are going to be crowded. THEN if I’m lucky enough to find one, it’s going to take a few hours to cook. I may not get back till God knows when.

So I’ve decided weekends will be no walking, but ONLY Saturdays will be my “free” day as far as diets and workouts go.

Ok that’s my blog (vent) for todays blog 😁 as always here’s links to my little shop.