Thieves In The Night

This is me on the left my brother in the middle and my little sister on the right.

Let me just say my brother who is a vet is the MOST annoying person in the world to me, but this guy would give the shirt off his back to help a stranger. He’s the guy heading southbound on the freeway, see someone on the other side broke down and will exit the freeway and get back on tge other direction to see if he can help.

I am so frustrated right now. We are a humble family trying to eak out a living.

Although it feels like most often we are spinning our wheels. But we have been able to keep a roof over our head, food on the table, you know the bare necessities. We don’t care to keep up with the newest trends, or the newest model vehicle, or even the newest smart phone. All we want to do is live and let live.

A few weeks ago sometime in the middle of the night some thieves came into out neighborhood and stole my brothers catalytic converter. Of course he calls the police to make a report. We know theres not much that can be done, but at least theres a report on paper. Now today 5/26/2021 he’s on his way out the door to go to work, and HIS TRUCK IS GONE! But it’s not JUST that the truck is gone, it’s also that all his tools was in that truck. He’s a mechanic by trade. The truck itself was an old service truck. So old no insurance company would insure it for full coverage. But the tools they are expensive as well. These tools was locked up in his compartments on the truck. That’s thousands of dollars in his tools alone, that he of course bought little by little.

I mean we are already struggling to servive this cold world, and then you got these flipping thieves that come in the middle of the night and just take things.

Crime has gone up astronomically. The police hands are tied. You have a group of people who want to defund the police. This same group of people are the ones who support criminals. When I feel like they’re really just mad because their criminal lifestyle has been caught up with.

I feel that crime is out of control BECAUSE of defund the police. These thieves now feel protected. Let me clarify one thing BECAUSE of a certain event that happened last summer is the reason crime is like it is now. I will say this, and I firmly believe that officer did not need to hold his knee on his neck. The “subject” was already in handcuffs. He was no longer a threat. But for that officer’s actions along with race baiters we have basically anarchy. The fact is today all you read about is gun violence, car jackings, and business being robbed. Not to mention when or if the police catch said criminal and arrest them, they get out on bond.

Ok I’m just so frustrated. My brother is a vet, he don’t deserve this kind of treatment. But now we need to focus on getting him a vehicle to be able to get to work AND be able to replace his tools.

So please if you can share this, so people can maybe purchase items and we can try to get him a vehicle. I will be working on other options to get donations anything is much appreciated.