God Is Always In Control.


I have mentioned in other posts that I believe in God. I still stand with that belief.

I’m going to start at the beginning. First week in May late Wednesday night some thieves stole my brothers catalytic converter. My brother called the police to make a report. Turns out a few other people on our street had the same thing happen to them. Fast forward to Tuesday 5/25 some time during the night they took his truck. Now that truck is an old 2000 service truck. He was on his way out the door taking out the trash as he usually does on trash day and his truck his gone. I told my brother chances are, your truck is on the Southside stripped for parts, and your tools will be in several different pawn shops. All over Houston.

When something like that happens you feel violated, and helpless. You feel anger. So many thoughts and emotions run through your mind.

My brothers job is a good hour to an hour and a half drive. Mom has a vehicle my dad left for her when he passed. I use that for her doctors appointments and run errands for her. So the idea of taking my brother to work is not so simple. Just for the drive alone. Moms vehicle already has over 200,000 miles on it.

But that same day the police did find his truck in a ditch on the Southside. The police had it towed to a lot on Hardy and Crosstimbers which is about 20 to 30 minites from where we live.

Now my brother had to pay to get it out, which that sucks, because it was stolen. He didn’t abandon the vehicle. He wasn’t doing something to get arrested to have it towed. But he has to pay. But as unfair as it feels, the blessing here is, the truck was found, it was NOT stripped, his tools was still tucked away in the compartments of the truck. They did however take his front license plate. In essence this turned out to be a big inconvenience. Yet I still feel grateful that he recovered his truck and his tools.

Yes I prayed about it. I talked to God. And he does hear us. God works in mysterious ways. God does speak to us, he just speaks softly. That’s why, when you pray, you should be in a quiet place. I’m not talking about those quick little prayers when your gas tank is almost on E and you just need to make one more day to get to work, or that quick prayer for your favorite team to win.

I have to say there was a time when I believe with my quick prayer, we was saved by the grace of God. Not to mention my dad was a man of strong faith. This was years ago. I was 12 or 13 years old. Just for the record…I live in Texas, Texas is known for having tornadoes just pop up from nothing. At that time I shared my room and my bed with my granny. So in the dead of night came a tornado. Power was knocked out. I also should mention that I have a phenomenal strong fear of the dark. When I can’t see, I start to feel a numbness come over me. But I fight THAT feeling to be able to flee the dark some how. So in dead of night the tornado rips through our neighborhood. The lights go out, I jump up out of bed and make a beline around my bed to open my bedroom door. BUT here’s the thing it’s still dark and I still can’t see, but when I got my bedroom door open I seen the image of Jesus. I saw his face looking at me, I reached to grab him and he was gone. Now by this time every body is out of their rooms and we are all gathered in the living room. I was sitting on the couch, and just as quick as the tornado came, it left. I was sitting on the couch hearing the calm AFTER the storm and I just started crying.

Mom looks over at me and laughing she asked me why was I crying now the storm is gone. I told her I wasn’t crying because of the storm, I’m crying because I saw Jesus. She laughed it off. But the thing is, once daylight broke the whole neighborhood was outside assessing their damages. Their was some minor damages. The houses accross the street had trees uprooted, some windows busted out, and a few other things, the houses behind us same just some minor damages. But tell me why the side of the street we lived on seemingly had no damage. No trees uprooted, no busted out windows, just small branches from trees in general. In my heart I know it was Jesus presence that put a hedge of protection around us.

So that is just one of many reasons I believe in God, and I believe God is always in control.

So that being said I am thankful things worked out like they did. And yes I am STILL going to post my links, with hopes of making a sale, or at least some type of an engagement. People asking me about what I can offer. ✌❤