I know summer has just started. We still have a few holidays before Thanksgiving. But the thing is… It seems Thanksgiving gets passed over.

Right now in the month of June we have Juneteenth, and Father’s Day. Then July 4th. However, I am already seeing hints of Halloween being advertised. I never paid much attention to it, but one year for Thanksgiving I wanted to decorate my place with Thanksgiving decorations. Not just fall decor. I wanted it specifically being about the actual holiday. But was unable to find such décor

As a kid growing up we didn’t celebrate holidays like Christmas, Easter, or Halloween. But Thanksgiving was celebrated because it was about being thankful. I understand theres a different meaning to others. But today in modern day, I will stand with Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. A time for families to come together, eat and enjoy each others company.

As I stated Thanksgiving seems to get bypassed. Watch your stores, AS SOON AS Labor day passes you will see Halloween decorations, and as it gets closer to Halloween you will start seeing Christmas decorations. There might be an endcap of “fall” decorations. But stores dedicate whole isles to Halloween and Christmas.

What I’m trying to say here is, let the people who love Thanksgiving have the same courtesy. Now don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy seeing all the beautiful Christmas decorations. I remember as a kid we used to go into neighborhoods and see the beautiful lights and decorations on people’s houses. In fact when my son was young there was a neighborhood behind the elementary school he went to, it looked as if they all got together and decorated the whole street. It was beautiful.

So lets celebrate each holiday in the timeframe they are. In my opinion October is the month dedicated to Halloween, December is the month dedicated to Christmas, then let November be the month dedicated to Thanksgiving.

So that’s my two cents worth of thought for today. Much love and peace to everyone. And please take a look at the links or please share links. Thanks