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Knowledge, truth, lies. Faith, fear, conspiracy theories, research.

This blog is just some random thoughts I have from time to time. But let me start with the fact that I’ve never paid much attention to politics. I just live my day to day life as best I can with the cards I’ve been dealt.

We are living in scary times. So much is changing at a rapid speed it’s hard to keep up with all of it. In fact you could lose your mind trying to.

If I had to put a time stamp on when this all started I would say it started when Donald J Trump became president. Nobody expected it. I even thought what a joke. Trump running for president. He’s not a politician, he’s a business man, and a reality t.v. personality. What does he know about running a country?

Then he got elected. I was like ok let’s see what he can do. Not that it mattered much, because I never paid attention. I don’t understand foreign policies, not even sure who our allies are. None of that really mattered because for all these years OUR voices didn’t really matter.

Sure from time to time A “President” would give the people what they wanted. But juuuust enough to appease the people. Juuuuust enough to keep that vote for the next election. ONLY to rewrite it so that THEY gain and WE THE PEOPLE lose.

Most times politicians lie. They don’t blatantly lie. No, they mince words. They choose their words carefully and speak them in such a way that they have two meanings.

Soon as Donald J Trump became president, it seemed as if most of the people in “the house” went into a panic. Nancy Pelosi made it her job to impeach him. It looked like that was her ONLY job. Then of course she had her minions trying to dig up dirt on the president. The Russian collusion was a farce. A fake dossier that was paid for. Then there was “abuse of power” also referred to as quid pro quo. And of course let’s not forget about the “insurrection”. I’m sure there are others he’s been accused of that I’ve missed. But you get my point.

Let’s address the Russian situation. You know the one that MSM tried to squash when it was about Hunter Biden. When Hunter was on the board of an oil company. Getting paid over eighty thousand A MONTH. Does Hunter even have experience or knowledge of the oil industry? That question is irrelevant, because people would say Trump has no knowledge of how to run a country but he was president. BUT, at a point when Hunter was on the board there came an investigation, and daddy Biden told someone to fire the investigator. Daddy Biden told the person if you don’t fire said investigator, we’re (obama & Biden) not going to give you the billion dollar loan. Said investigator was fired. THATS ON VIDEO. So the Russian collusion turns out to be Biden and son. But MSM squashed it as quickly as it was leaked. That’s just one if many examples of whats been going on.

But we had 4 years of investigations on THEN president Trump. Not to mention the absolute detestation and pure lies MSM spewed from their networks.

Some of the good President Trump did was lowered our taxes. Placed tariffs where they should have been. Lowered medications. He built the wall, kept illegal immigrants from getting here illegally. Helped the immigrants who came here the right way.

Now let’s fast forward to the Corona virus. Covid-19, China virus, Wuhan virus. Pick a name any name you want to call it. It is a virus. Now I don’t dispute if the virus is real or not. Clearly there is a virus. But I do question if said virus is as deadly as they made it out to be. I also question why there was no influenza cases. Did the flu get replaced by Corona?

Did Covid-19 cause the thousands or millions of deaths that was initially reported? We was lied to from the very start of this “virus” President Trump was right from the beginning. I know people who got said virus. They recovered from the virus, and are doing just fine.

There was so much going on about this virus. They said we needed to wear masks, wash our hands. We need to do this for 2 weeks. Then it was still wear the mask but we need to shut the country down. ONLY ESSENTIAL WORKERS. Restaurants, bars, and small business closed. Walmart,and Grocery stores stayed upen as well as fastfood joints. You know the big corporations. But When President Trump ceased travel from China to United States he was called a xenophobe. Yet we had to close the country for (2 weeks) that turned into a year.

That (2weeks) has done more damage than the people in charge want to admit to. Example, loss of jobs, because small businesses can’t recoup from such a long shut down. Thats the start of mental health going. You start to worry about how you’re going to live without a source of income. Schools getting shutdown now parents have to find daycare if said parent is an ESSENTIAL WORKER. Now the schools are setting up for zoom classes. Children NEED social interaction.

This (2week) year long shut down has caused people to be stressed. People are now angry, hurt, and scared. This is JUST about the virus. I have mentioned the hate MSM showed towards president Trump. Let me give you an example. They push that President Trump is a racist, he supports white supremacy. Now as I’ve said before I never paid attention to politics. Mostly because I didn’t understand a lot of it, but also I was just focusing on surviving. I literally work paycheck to paycheck. I was busy working 2 jobs to make ends meet. I had to on many occasions write a check at the grocery store for a small amount over JUST to have gas money to put in my car to get to work. So all I had time for was sleep until my next shift. I didn’t have time to research current events going on. Then I got laid off in November of 2019. Then came the year 2020. I was going to re invent myself. I was going to school to get a better job mainly because I’m getting too old for manual labor. But also for a better paying job. But we had a (2 week) year long shutdown.

Because of said shutdown I had time on my hands. I started doing some crafting to keep myself and my mom occupied. My mom is an overthinker. She will think about something and create non existing problems. Plus I was trying to keep her from watching so much NEWS! But, one day she was watching t.v. and President Trump was giving us an update as far as whats going on with this virus. So I listened to him speak. That was his infamous speech when he told everyone to drink bleach, or some type if disinfectant. That became the argument for anyone who was for Trump. The apposing antiTrumper would say just go drink some bleach.

But that’s not what President Trump said at all. But MSM took it and ran with it. Not to mention that’s not the first or only misleading information MSM has put out there on President Trump. So because NOW I have time I started researching past presidents and speeches. I started comparing how MSM treated past presidents and how they reported on past presidents speeches. There was a lot of information to process. A lot of things had to be filtered through. But one thing I noticed was narratives.

Now it seems to me there is a goal here. I’m not 100% sure what exactly that goal is, but it seems like they have been trying to have a one world order. As it stands America is a free country. We have our rights written into a constitution. That is sacred and protected. Now I honestly don’t know about other countries. But it seems to me a certain group of people have been chipping away at said constitution. For years words are being RE defined to meet a narrative.

But let’s get back to the MSM with their lies and misinformation. As far as President Trump telling people to drink disinfectant that is CLEARLY not what he said or meant. However there is something with ultraviolet light used to disinfect the body. This is what President Trump was talking about. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. But MSM will say this. President Trump now says to drink bleach in order to get rid of the virus.

They have called him a racist, xenophobe, and says he not only supports white supremacy but that he himself is a white supremacist. All lies. He has denounced racism on many occasions. There was an incident in Charlottesville. This was in the time frame when I was still working, so I basically was informed of what happened. I seen only “key speaking” points of that incident. And yes the way MSM reported it, it looked like he was supporting the neo nazi group. HOWEVER once I decided to go back and research what REALLY happened or what was ACTUALLY said it was NOT the truth MSM reported. They edited his speech he made about Charlottesville incident. They edited it so it looks like he said they was good people. If people would take the time to resesrch. But the thing about that is, most people don’t have that time. Because they are working. And because they are working they rely in news outlets to get information.

Last summer there was a serious incident that happened and the WHOLE WORLD knew about it. Now there’s a lot to be said here. We all know about George Floyd. I want to make it clear THAT WAS A TERRIBLE SITUATION. I feel bad for the way he died. But because of that, for months we had riots. From those riots there was a lot of innocent people killed. Businesses was destroyed cities was set on fire. So much distruction in the name of racism. But is it really racism? This is a very sensitive topic. However most people have a Facebook account, and FB likes to remind you of a memory, something you posted a year a go, and then you look back on that memory, and there’s other memories. So one thing I noticed on this race war is… Race only seems to matter every 4 years. Ok stay with me here. Obama was elected on 2008, and re elected in 2012. If racism was a problem, why didn’t Obama address it? There are no laws in the books today that says you can’t because…. The truth is ANYBODY and EVERYBODY has an opportunity to be successful. However I wanted to point out that last year in July 4th 2020 President Trump went to Mount Rushmore and gave a speech to celebrate the 4th of July. News outlets called it despicable, said he was fueling white supremacy. But I looked to see what other presidents went to the same place, and Bill Clinton went there at one point. The news outlets THEN called it majestical, and praised it. Do the research your self. I am not making this up. That’s just a small bit on this race war.

I haven’t even started on this “insurrection”

Before we get to that, lets talk about how the left referred to last summers “protests” as MOSTLY PEACEFUL. Or lets talk about how Kamala set up an account to bail the protesters out of jail when they was arrested. Why was the protesters never referred to as terrorist? Now here we are a year later. Where are the leaders of BLM? Where did the 90 plus million dollars go? Did they put that money back into the black communities? Did the build better ANYTHING in said communities? Has ANYBODY from those communities benefited from those donations? One of the founders Patrisse Khan-Cullors recently purchased a home to the amount of 1.4 million dollars. That was in the NEW YORK POST. From the post it said the home was purchased in a predominantly white neighborhood. This group has proudly announced that they are a Marxist group. But if black lives really do matter, then why does BLM turn a blind eye when a black child is kilked by a stray bullet? Why are we NOT saying the names of these children killed by another black person. I do agree that black lives matter. But it CAN’T only be when an officer is involved. It has to matter ALL the time. EVEN when it’s black on black crime.

Now on this supposed insurrection. I watched the talks on rather or not to impeach him yet again. I found it interesting. There is so much to say here. When the left made their arguments they did the same thing MSM does. They edited the film. Showed only pieces of what President Trump said. They cut out the parts that didn’t fit their narrative. Of course when the defense made their argument, they played each edited part in it’s entirety.

This entire blog is written in hopes that people will read it and begin to question everything in recent events and begin to really look into how things are. It is in hopes that people will stop watching MSM and stop being told how to feel or how to think. It is in hopes that they will open their minds and pay attention to what’s being told, and how it’s being portrayed. News outlets need to quit playing on people’s emotions, and we as a people need to separate emotions and focus on logic. We need to get the full information before we react. There is so much more I could blog about, but for now I will leave it at this. I do hope it will make you stop and think and question these current events with an open mind.

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