Teaching Myself


Such an odd phrase. I taught myelf. How do you know you learned it?

So waAaaay back in the day when I went to school, they had a subject called home economics. I think it was high school. I remember it was an elective. Sooooo I of course elected that class. I was soooooo excited. It was a 2 semester course. One semester you learned about cooking, and the other semester you learned how to sew.

Not to brag but I had been cooking since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Funny story behind my cooking skills.

So this was back in the early 80’s. My mom had to have gall bladder surgery. Now back then, there was no LASIK or however it’s called. So they basically cut my mom stomache from top to bottom to take out her gall bladder. Unlike now where they do 3 small incisions and do what they do. So back then the healing time was much longer. So my dad who was your typical male didn’t even know how to boil water, tried to cook dinner that first night mom was in the hospital. (Bless his heart) But he took just about every leftover that was in the fridge, put it in a casserole dish slapped some bacon on top baked it until the bacon was crisped and THEN had the audacity to have us sit at the table to eat. 😶

He served me and my brother and my little sister we said grace. We all looked at each other. My dad says it’s pretty close to mom’s, it’s the leftovers. 😂😂😂😂 hindsight is so funny. But nobody was brave enough to actually eat it.

Than dad asks me if I could make biscuits and gravy. I said yes sir. So I made homemade biscuits, gravy, scrambled eggs, grits, and bacon. After we said grace again we ate, and I remember it was my week to wash dishes. So after we ate, I started clearing off the table. I had the sink with soap ( no we didn’t have a dishwasher back then) and started washing the dishes. Then my dad comes to the sink and said ” let me help since you cooked it’s only fair” So we washed dishes and had a conversation about how I was going to most likely be helping mom a lot more until she recovers from surgery. Little did I know that was when I became the cook. I was luke 11 or 12 something along that age.

So when I was in highschool I was excited about home economics. And just my luck I get the cooking semester first. We didn’t REALLY learn anything because…… Ok wait maybe the other students did, but I remember 2 of the recipes we did and they was so simple. One was with a can of biscuits we rolled out the biscuit put pizza sauce and cheese and pepperoni. Basically an individual pizza. The next we did was take a slice of bread, toast it in the pan. But first we cut a circle out of the center so we could fry an egg in the center. So finally we have our Christmas break. Now I’m excited about sewing class. We was going to make a jogging suit. (Sweat pants) we learned about the sewing machine, all the parts and what they do, and how they work. BUT for the life if me I CANNOT REMEMBER A DARN THING.

NOW I’m trying to learn again how to do this. And it feels like I’m teaching myself. I did teach myself how to swim, but I think I was too you and dumb to know I could have drown. I have always love the water. But this sewing thing. So any way just wanted to do a quick blog. This is what I’ve done so far.