I wrote a blog a while back about the place we’re renting. The owener who lives in California wants to sell it. Well last week in Thursday, they had a couple people come by and look at the place. They asked us about flooding. Because back in 2017 Hurricane Harvey hit parts of Texas pretty bad.

Most often once a hurricane touches land it loses strenght and will die out. But not Harvey, no he went back out to the water to get more strenght and came right back inland. Harvey stayed for a full week reeking havoc and causing people’s home to flood in areas that NEVER flooded. The house we was in did get some water, it was up to about the middle of my shinn. However other areas the homes was completely under water. I had just paid my car off a couple months before Harvey came through, and it got flooded.

So one guy asked about tue flooding, and I started explaining that we moved here in 2018 we wasn’t here when Harvey came through, but a neighbor told us the houses on the end got some pretty high waters. The man stops me in mid sentence to tell me there’s a river in the woods, and that he owns 12 other houses up the street. 😶😶 first off it’s rude to ask a question, only to cut a person off so you can brag that you really ALREADY know, but to brag about the fact that you own 12 other homes is arrogant. So I shut up, and in my mind I said ok Mr. braggadocious you won’t get another peep from me. Since you know everything.

But now I stumbled upon this article, and it’s scarey. I have already been looking where we can afford because I am fearful we will have to move once this place sells. But the reality is…. there’s no where. NOTHING is for rent. And if there is a place for rent it is no less than $1500.00 a month. So there’s my blog and here’s my links. Please, consider sharing my links. I am trying so very hard to get this up and running. They say you gotta taste failure before success. Trust me I’ve tasted failure, it BITTER. Now I’d like to try success, that’s gotta taste better. 😁