Blogging Festival


Ok today is a brainstorm kind of day. I feel a bit overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas, and am RALLY struggling with organizing them. Oof… They are incomplete thoughts because I don’t have answers to complete them. If that makes sense. My anxiety is running a bit high today so I need to write or blog to try and organize these racing thoughts and compartmentalize them.

I’ve heard it a thousand times if I’ve heard it once. They say find a job you love doing and it will be like you’re not even working. I have found something I love doing, but I need work to do it.

I literally JUST did a blog, but because I can’t slow my brain from thinking, I HAD to find the word I was looking for. The word is an investor. But in searching for that word I discovered such a thing as an angel investor. I have an old friend and I use that term friend loosely. We was pretty good friends in highschool, but we did lose contact for quite a few years. Then I found him on Facebook, we caught on the lost years. He’s married and has a beautiful family. No we was not sweet hearts, just good friends. I was the typical girl who got along better with guy friends then girl friends. Truthfully some girls are so catty. I don’t like drama, it’s a waste of time to fuss over little things. But for some reason some girls are like that. I actually only had a few girls I could get along with. Might be because they didn’t act so catty and jealous we were actually friends, not just hanging out to meet our next future heartbreak. (😂) Yes I am rambling again. I can certainly say this blogging thing has taught me that I really need to get out more. I need to meet more people. But I’m a little nervous of people sooooo there’s that. Ok moving on. On getting this thought out there in the eithet…… I’m looking for an angel investor. I need some ideas on how to find them, and how to approach them with my ideas. Or just some how I win the lotto, and then I can take the risks that I want to take. But good gracious you have to be rich to even start a business. And what I mean by rich is have the ability to lose some thousands of dollars and not end up living under a bridge IF it’s not successful. I’ve always had the mindset that failure is NOT an option. Thats what helped me pass my driving test, passed my tests in school AND pass my test to get into nursing. I honestly believe IF I had the financial backing, this business idea would be successful. Ok byeeee