Writing or Rambling?


To be or not to be. I believe was written by Hamlet. Full disclosure I have never to my recollection read any Shakespeare books. But who hasn’t heard the classic question “To be or not to be”

I read a comment this morning, not sure what it meant. But I simply replied with “thank you” It wasn’t mean or insulting, at least I didn’t think it was, but it did make me think.

Now if anybody has read my blogs they will know I’m pretty random. I don’t have a spacific topic, or subject that I write about. Most often I start my day with a blog, and that’s usually whats on the top of my thoughts, or what I think people will read.

Which brings me to my title Writing, or Rambling? Which begs the question “To blog or not blog” In the speech, Hamlet contemplates death and suicide, bemoaning the pain and unfairness of life but acknowledging that the alternative might be worse. As UNafraid of death as I am one would think I would have read that, but Shakespeare I’ve heard is hard to read. But that comment made me think, should I blog or not. I am no writer, nor do I aspire to be a writer. I do enjoy reading, but not so much writing. It’s very clear with all my grammatical errors writing certainly is not my forte. Some of the people who read my blog probably think ” does ahe even proof read?” Or Did she ACTUALLY read what she just wrote? The grammer is difficult for me to read and understand, let alone comprehend what she’s trying to convey. Shoot I don’t blame y’all for that. Reading and English was one of the classes that only God knows how I passed. So many rules and regulations when it comes to writing. With all the camas, and run on sentences. Lets face it I am the queen of a run on sentence. But the real reason I blog is simply to put my links to my ecommerce shop in hopes of creating a source of income. Since my lay off I have discovered I love crafting. I found a few things I think I’m pretty good at and thought why not sell them. My thought was just open an ecommerce store and share on Facebook and bam! People would find something to be a nice gift idea. But tge fact is I am a novice. I honestly am doing this and learning as I go. I started blogging to get people to go to my ecommerce because I am trying to get my store seen by thousands of people to get some kind of notoriety and be seen. But for one I don’t have a big circle of people or friends. I basically live like a hermit. But I am doing what I can with the resources I have. I have iften thought about how to get a rich person to help me get out there. I would love to have a shop. (I know theres a word for this but I can’t think of it right now.)

But yeah I do go back and read my blogs, not a goid proof reader, but I catch a typo from time to time. So here we are 2 blogs in one day. 😂✌❤




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