Empty Nest pt 2


So the saga of my son and his girlfriend with the missing key to her car.

It is now believed that her Aunt’s son took the key. He’s a 14 yr old. The key is still missing from what I understand, but his girlfriend had a conversation with her Aunt, and her Aunt called the 14 yr old into the conversation. She asked him if he had the key, and the young boy was beyond angery. He was yelling and saying why am I always blamed. But he had so much anger in his voice. ( the girlfriend recorded the conversation then sent it to my son)

Now I know you can’t get a full picture or idea of their day to day life, JUST from one interaction. But from that little bit, it sounds to me like there’s a lot of toxicity within that family dynamics. Bottom line, the key is still missing. So my son had her go get a CLUB to lock her steering wheel.

My son now thinks the young boy took the key, and was going to take the car out late at night. Because the boy had plans to spin the night at a friend’s house. As far as I’m concerned, I feel like this is one big elaborate lie. I hope I’m wrong, but we’ll never know the truth. So Saturday was ruined, as far as what my son had planned.

Seems to me, they don’t have boundaries, or don’t respect people’s boundaries. Why would a person go into another persons bag? Why are you even taking something that doesn’t belong to you? To this day ( I don’t care how good of friends or if we are blood relatives) I would NEVER just go into someone’s purse or bag and take something. I will hand them their bag and let them retrieve the item, OR I will make sure they have their eyes on my while I go into their bag, or purse. That’s just me. I know the feeling of having your boundaries crossed or disrespected.

Ok enough about that key. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. My sister came over with her twins and we had a great dinner. We had brisket, tater salad, baked beans, mac and cheese, aaannd homemade ice cream. Then we had some fure works. The twins had fun lighting them. Our whole street was lit up with fire works and smoke.

Well that’s about all I have for now. But I would like to say that I have given myself a new challenge. That challenge is to make a quilt. But this quilt will be either an American flag, or a Texas flag, or maybe both. However I first need to sell some items so I can get the material to do this challenge. So please shop around my links and help me out. I would greatly appreciate it.