Fair Labor laws.


This is kind of a fallow up to my rant from my previous post. I contacted workforce about rather or not the company I worked one day for was obligated to pay me for the whole day I worked.

The lady I spoke to gave off the vibe that she couldn’t careLESS about my situation. When I explained the course of events her response was “so you want to be paid for the whole day?” I explained to her that I was wondering if the labor laws means the company is obligated to pay for the orientation/safety training. She asked the same question, so I said yes. She says WHY? I was taken aback. I like most general labor people do not REALLY know our rights. I said to the lady, “because I don’t know what my rights are, like many others who try to eak out a living, and I can’t afford to hire an attorney. But apparently these few hours I’m asking about seem to be petty to you. But thanks for belittling me.” So long story short on that conversation she did tell me how I can file a claim on that. Also when I told her I was concerned about safety violations with the employees smoking inside the building she asked me why didn’t I call OSHA. Again I explained to her I do not know my rights and or what or who to contact.

I feel like this should have been titled The Underdog. Because as I said in my previous blog there are a lot of foreigners working there. It just makes me wonder how much they take advantage of them with their rights. For the most part we JUST want to work and earn a living.

Then you have the businesses and corporations with their attorneys on speed dial that if any employees even thought about standing up for their rights they would crush us like an ant.

Then when we look for answers. There are systems in place that are supposed to help us with our rights. But some of the people who work there really don’t give a damn and act like WE are wasting their time.

I did file a complaint with OSHA. I know the smoking in the building was a violation, most places don’t allow smoking IN the building. It’s been like that for years. I remember my granny used to grocery shop and smoke while going through the store and nobody batted an eye. But there was a time I met a cousin of mine at a Starbucks we sat outside so we could smoke cigarettes and chat, when a server came to tell us we couldn’t smoke outside 😶 They didn’t want smoking AT ALL on their premises. So we said ok no problem. I told my cousin that I’ll be adding this to the many reasons I don’t like Starbucks. We laughed. But another thing that bothered me about that job, was the fact that they had a table set up INSIDE the production area of the warehouse for the employees to have lunch. The thing is, it was maybe 8 feet away from where they’re working with the insulation for the AC vents. I would think that the employees should have a relatively clean area to eat their lunch.

But you know what’s the saddest thing about all this that I’m fussing about is? Because as I’ve said most of the employees are Vietnamese, and sadly from where they came from and how they live in their country before they got here to America…..This is probably a slice of heaven to them in comparison to Vietnam.

I’m pretty sure Vietnam is a socialist economy. I will admit I have only ever known what life is like in America. I don’t know if socialism is good or bad. But what I do know is…. That if it’s so great, then why are people risking their lives to get to America?

While I’m writing this I just received a phone call from OSHA. I have to say I’m surprised that they responded so quickly. The gentleman just had a few questions in reponse to my online complaint that I filed. If anything, I hope the employees at LEAST get a real break room away from where they’re working. I’ll most likely never know if that happens. I’m no Erin Brocovich. ( never seen the movie) but I do hope for better working conditions for those employed by that company.

Ok rant over and time for the links 😁