I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time. I hope everyone is doing well. I know I was talking about so many different things. I would have to go back and scan my blogs just to refresh my memory. 😂 to be honest, I’m just too darn lazy to do that right now.

I do however remember I told everyone I was finally going back to work after a 2 year lay off. I also remember telling y’all how much I love Thanksgiving. I also thought I could work and blog and try to promote my little side hustle of making gift baskets and trinkets hahaha that was a big laugh. I forgot how much working frack valves kick my butt. Not to mention working 10 to 12 hours a day. Feels like I live at work and just visit home. Yet I am very thankful to have a job, so I can’t really complain too much.

Funny thing is, I was laid off a week before Thanksgiving 2019 and was called back 2 years later in 2021 a week before Thanksgiving. Let also just say God is good because thankfully my brother held a job down the whole time I was laid off. Then around May he was let go from his job because the owner sold the company. So you see God has his plans, and it all worked out pretty good. My side hustle never really took off, but that’s ok. It wasn’t meant to be.

The thing is, we may have a plan in mind but we have to keep in mind God has the master plan. His will be done.

Now I’ve been back just over a year and let me tell you I’ve got some stories for you. The one that’s most fresh is Thanksgiving 2022. Boy oh boy. But that’s going to be another blog. There’s sooo much that happened. I may have to get onto the desk top computer to be able to blog all that out, it’s a whopper of a story. But for now just wanted to do a quick blog to say hello and hope all is well with everybody I’ll be signing off for now. I will be back with more to say. Good night love y’all sleep well ❤