Fair Labor Laws pt 2


So there may be a pt3 not sure just yet. I will know more on the 8th of October. So I posted a rant about fair labor laws. I spoke on the fact that I filed a wage complaint with workforce. Y’all know how rude that person was that I spoke to. So yesterday I received a letter from workforce informing me ” officially” that they have received my complaint. Now today I get an email from the company I filed on.

This is what the e-mail said.

So naturally I told her I would pick up the check on Friday October 8 2021 at 2:30 pm.

So aparently I was entitled to the hours slent on orientation; however I am unsure if it will be calculated at $7.25 as according to the person I spoke with they are only obligated to pay minimum wage for the training. Either way, I sttod my ground on what I thought was right. But the other concerns I have are…. Are the employees there bei g treated properly? Are they aware of their rights as an employee? Did they or will they at the very least get a relatively clean break room to have their lunch rather than have lunch IN the warehouse 6 to 8 feet from where they are working? I hope at the very least they get a break room away from where they’re working.

Ok the troublemaker us signing out. Yeah heres my links. Still trying to earn a living.





Fair Labor laws.


This is kind of a fallow up to my rant from my previous post. I contacted workforce about rather or not the company I worked one day for was obligated to pay me for the whole day I worked.

The lady I spoke to gave off the vibe that she couldn’t careLESS about my situation. When I explained the course of events her response was “so you want to be paid for the whole day?” I explained to her that I was wondering if the labor laws means the company is obligated to pay for the orientation/safety training. She asked the same question, so I said yes. She says WHY? I was taken aback. I like most general labor people do not REALLY know our rights. I said to the lady, “because I don’t know what my rights are, like many others who try to eak out a living, and I can’t afford to hire an attorney. But apparently these few hours I’m asking about seem to be petty to you. But thanks for belittling me.” So long story short on that conversation she did tell me how I can file a claim on that. Also when I told her I was concerned about safety violations with the employees smoking inside the building she asked me why didn’t I call OSHA. Again I explained to her I do not know my rights and or what or who to contact.

I feel like this should have been titled The Underdog. Because as I said in my previous blog there are a lot of foreigners working there. It just makes me wonder how much they take advantage of them with their rights. For the most part we JUST want to work and earn a living.

Then you have the businesses and corporations with their attorneys on speed dial that if any employees even thought about standing up for their rights they would crush us like an ant.

Then when we look for answers. There are systems in place that are supposed to help us with our rights. But some of the people who work there really don’t give a damn and act like WE are wasting their time.

I did file a complaint with OSHA. I know the smoking in the building was a violation, most places don’t allow smoking IN the building. It’s been like that for years. I remember my granny used to grocery shop and smoke while going through the store and nobody batted an eye. But there was a time I met a cousin of mine at a Starbucks we sat outside so we could smoke cigarettes and chat, when a server came to tell us we couldn’t smoke outside 😶 They didn’t want smoking AT ALL on their premises. So we said ok no problem. I told my cousin that I’ll be adding this to the many reasons I don’t like Starbucks. We laughed. But another thing that bothered me about that job, was the fact that they had a table set up INSIDE the production area of the warehouse for the employees to have lunch. The thing is, it was maybe 8 feet away from where they’re working with the insulation for the AC vents. I would think that the employees should have a relatively clean area to eat their lunch.

But you know what’s the saddest thing about all this that I’m fussing about is? Because as I’ve said most of the employees are Vietnamese, and sadly from where they came from and how they live in their country before they got here to America…..This is probably a slice of heaven to them in comparison to Vietnam.

I’m pretty sure Vietnam is a socialist economy. I will admit I have only ever known what life is like in America. I don’t know if socialism is good or bad. But what I do know is…. That if it’s so great, then why are people risking their lives to get to America?

While I’m writing this I just received a phone call from OSHA. I have to say I’m surprised that they responded so quickly. The gentleman just had a few questions in reponse to my online complaint that I filed. If anything, I hope the employees at LEAST get a real break room away from where they’re working. I’ll most likely never know if that happens. I’m no Erin Brocovich. ( never seen the movie) but I do hope for better working conditions for those employed by that company.

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The Underdog


Not sure what this title will be just yet. I’m basically biding my time until this WordPress subscription is complete.

Feeling frustrated and defeated. I seem to be at a crossroads. I want and need a job, yet my mom is also in need of having someone with her at home. I had a plan that failed. Just like many other things in my journey of living.

As I said I had a job, but I only worked one day. One because it’s not climate controlled, but also there was so many safety violations. The employees was smoking INSIDE the warehouse! THERE’S A LOT OF FLAMMABLE STUFF IN THERE!!! Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the addiction of smoking, I used to smoke. In fact I smoked for 30+ years. I fully understand. However if you’re working where there’s flammable stuff and A LOT of it, I don’t think ANY ONE should be smoking INSIDE the building.

Now my shift was going to be 2pm to 10pm, however I went in early to do my orientation. Then started my shift at pretty close to 2pm. Now I only lasted until 5:30pm for a few reasons. I was just getting over from being sick. But the heat in the building was causing me to get a headache. Now I had been there since about 10:30 am and it’s now 5:30pm I decided to go to lunch. But instead of coming back, I just went home. I literally ran straight cold water for a shower and stood under it for a while, JUST to cool my body down. I had a horrible headache in the back of my head. Needless to say I could not handle that heat. I think if I had been younger and not been diagnosed with scleroderma I may have muscled through it, just like I did with any and all my other jobs. But…… It is what it is. So I started on August 30, I had already expected to have to wait two weeks for a check. So when that Friday came, I didn’t bother them about my paycheck. Then came the Friday I should have originally received a paycheck, things was busy that day so I never called about it. But I did email her that monday gve her the whole day to respond and she didn’t. So on Tuesday I called her. She said she mailed the check. Proceeded to tell me if I don’t get it by the end of the week to call her. So by Thursday no check. I emailed her and she resooned with saying I told you guve it until the end of the week. So now it’s been 2 weeks. However in doing research I discovered that IF you quit a job, the employer is to pay you on the next regular payday. Which in essence I should have gotten my check, at the end of that week of my first day. It took 3 weeks to get my paycheck, THEN they didn’t pay me for the orientation. So I call her back and she says they don’t pay the employee for the orientation. I said but that’s MY time I gave the company. There was a long pause then she says I understand that, but we don’t pay for the orientation part. Yes I research it, AND this is what I found

Federal law provides that once an individual becomes an employee, he is entitled to be paid under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). … Although mere applicants don’t have to be paid during orientation, hired employees must be compensated for their orientation time.

So now my delema is…. How do I go about this situation? Not only that, but there are a lot of foreigners who work there, most Asian, I think Vietnamese. But it makes me wonder how many labor laws are they breaking BECAUSE they don’t know their rights as an employee?. I know me “fighting” for the orientation pay may seem petty, but there’s a principle here. Most employees including myself DO NOT know their rights as an employee. For the most part our goal us to get a job and handle our responsibilities. Not to mention the fact that we the employees would be able to afford an attorney to fight for our rights as an employee and most often we don’t fight for our rights because we DON’T want to lose our job because we have responsibilities.

Ok rant over here’s my links.





Rainy Day finale


Even though I know the cake looked like crap, he loved it. And was surprised. He had no clue I was making a cake for him. But boy was I anxious about a lot.

To start with I wanted to surprise him and Murphy’s law kept peeking in on us. You know with the whole car fiasco and basically riuning the day.

Then when he went out with his girlfriend the night was cut short for some reason. So I had to hide all the evidence.

Another reason my anxiety was high is when there’s something I need or want to do, I jump in and do it. I don’t procrastinate. That is a huge pet peve I have.

When I first got laid off in November of 2019 I still would wake up early have my 2 cups of coffee and start doing things around the house that had BEEN needing to be done. Shoot I even painted the living room, dining room and kitchen. Mom had been wanting that done for some time. Then I got caught up on things and was trying to fill my day with things to do.

But I soon discovered something about myself. I never realized I had it until I suddenly had all this “free time” on my hands.

I mentioned in the beginning of this blog how I was anxious.

Anxious: experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

Most people are usually anxious about things from time to time. It’s actually normal. In fact my sister and I had a conversation about anxiety. (side note my sister is 10 years younger than me) So we was talking about anxiety. I was explaining that I have never personally experienced an anxiety attack. So I wouldn’t know one if I did. I have however talked mom through plenty of anxiety attacks. So my sister had told me about an experience she had with anxiety. Her oldest daughter had just moved out, and my sister said she woke up in the middle of the night unable to breath and her heart was beating fast. This is how I’ve heard many people explain their experiences with anxiety.

Now with mom when she first started having those attacks we had no clue what was going on. I remember rushing to the hospital thinking she was having a heart attack. But thank goodness she did not. But we followed up with countless doctors and they found absolutely nothing wrong with her. Which is a good thing. But we couldn’t figure out what was going on with her. Then finally a doctor told us it was anxiety. So I’ve talked mom down on many occasions when she would have these anxiety attacks. Yet to this day I don’t know what THAT type of anxiety attack feels like.

So in this current lay off, I’m trying to think of a job I can do where there’s not so much hard manual labor. I’m getting too old for all this heavy lifting and such. I tried to go back to school, but covid had other plans and decided to shut the country down. Great😶

So I start racing in my mind what can I do? As far as work. Ironically I have always worked. But I have no real skills, or a certificate that says I know how to do something. As I mentioned I’m getting too old for this hard manual labor, and nobody can live on minimum wage unless they work 2 jobs.

So the idea of making gift baskets comes to mind. I thought not a bad idea. People buy gift baskets all the time for so many different occasions. Then I start seeing these advertisements for ecommerce. I start looking into that. What exactly it is, how does it work, and what do I need to do. I start thinking maybe I should offer more than just gift baskets. A lot of ideas came to mind. Like making candles, bath bombs, coffee mugs, and other crafty things. I’m also thinking at the same time I can occupy mom’s time and give her something to do.

So I come up with a business plan with a list of ideas to put in this “ecommerce” store. I even get a resellers certificate. I find an ecommerce hosting site and get that set up. (So to say) STILL figuring that out. However I’m trying to keep mom occupied while I work on some of my projects for this site.

Now I’m 6 months into this journey and so far not a hit. I’m ok with that right now. But I digress from what I intend to blog about (typical) as I said I discovered something about me and anxiety. I feel like I have what’s called HIGH FUNCTIONING ANXIETY.

I endure long periods of hard work, then experience burnout, then I procrastinate. I overthink that I am not doing “enough” or I fear failure. Poor sleep—I don’t sleep enough hours, I wake up and cannot seem to get back to sleep, or I have trouble falling asleep. Racing thoughts that make it difficult to relax.

The thing is, I worked at a job for 10 years. I could have ran the company. I don’t mean that LITERALLY, what I mean by that is I knew what needed to be done, when it needed to be done, and I knew how to run every machine in that company. In fact my boss would come to me asking about something. Then the company decided consolidate and move operations to Dallas. They had already shut a couple other hubs that was in Texas. We was hoping to keep the Houston hub, but the company decided to keep the Dallas hub and shut down the Houston hub.(just my luck)

So naturally anxiety creeps up, but who wouldn’t be worried you’re fixing to be out of a job. However I was lucky enough to land a job 6 weeks later. Oh but now it’s a whole new ball game. A whole new job to learn the ins and outs. Learn who, what, when, where, and why.

Let me tell you this job KICKED my behind. So it was a job in the energy industry. I had never in my life done industrial work. When I went through the 3 day orientation I was literally scared to death. Because of the emphasis they put on safety alone. I was hired by a staffing agency. She saw my resume and was very impressed with my longevity on my jobs. I was actually hired to clean valves. Once I got there on the job I found out they was valves that are used for fracking. One valve weighs about 5lbs no big deal right? BUT when you have 200 valves on a pushcart that turns into 1000lbs PLUS the weight of the cart. And we had to bake them once they was pressed. Of course the industrial ovens was not in the same area they are pressed in. So you have to push the cart all the way to the other end of the shop. Pushing that cart of valves is almost equivalent to pushing a car. But I did it because it was expected of me to do so. The truth is that was serious hard work. I came home beyond exhausted. I had a supervisor who was difficult to work with. I may one day blog about my experience with that job and supervisor. Just not today. But as I said I would come home exhausted. I would get home and have to cook dinner and clean up. BUT it had to meet moms expectations. Mom would watch over me as I cleaned the kitchen, and she would ask ” what are you going to do with this, or that, or she would say aren’t you going to wipe down the stove?” Just little nagging things that I am of course going to handle, but I think it was her way of “bossing” me around. I have always been her target. So my mind is on constant defense when interacting with her as I have to be careful NOT to set her off.

Now I realize all this time in dealing with interactions with mom is a form of anxiety. But I try to contain the anxiety and not let on that I’m in a slight panic mode. I admit mom and I used to argue like bitter enemies. I of course as her daughter knew I was limited on what I could say to her, as I had to remain “repectful” to her. She has many common phrases, but the two she uses most are Honor your mother, and I am your mother. But she could say anything she wanted, because I have to honor my mother. I have lived in constant criticism from mom that I unknowingly built a defense wall constructed with anxiety. But the type that makes you find away to survive, not the typical hyperventilating and tend to freeze. No, I have the one where my mind says find a quick answer or solution to make it right for now. Keep pushing forward. Never let them know you’re lost for what to say or do.

Now I’ve rambled on so much I’ve forgotten where I was going with this blog. 😶

I can say this, this whole anxiety thing is exhausting. I feel like I’m running out of solutions. I can’t find the right direction to keep things moving. I don’t even have a job, and I am absolutely exhausted.

I have spent so much time and money on this “business” and have no clue what I need to do other than just get a job. Yet that brings anxiety. I don’t like the idea of mom being home alone. She is getting to tge point of needing assistance in some of her day to day tasks. But at the same time I’m not used to not having my own source of income.

So this is my experience with a form of anxiety. I don’t know which is worse, or more exhausting. The freeze and panic or the fight and solve it. The anxiety when you go into a freeze and panic mode WILL end. Although it may seem like it took hours but it usually lasts about 5 to 20 minutes. Believe me I know that seems like forever when you’re in the middle of said panic. I also understand with the freeze panic there’s no warning. It just comes from out of nowhere.

Then the second one feels like it never ends because it seems to be one event after the other especially when you’re around other people. You HAVE to keep this game face on, because if they see you’re out of sorts, thats when they start punching. Bombarding you with questions UNNECESSARY questions. But, with said questions it’s nothing more than information they will file away for future reference. That alone is mentally exhausting.

Which now brings me back to a thought on another blog I did on introverts. Could this be a contributing factor in a person having introvet tendencies?

For example. For one moment, they realize how peaceful it feels to be in YOUR own thoughts. Not having to answer to anybody as to WHY you chose to wear a blue T-shirt instead of the grey one. You don’t have to worry some one may get upset because you asked them to repeat what they said because you genuinely did not hear what they said. And best of all there is NO ONE to drain your energy. Now I do enjoy good conversation. I love hearing people’s opinions, thoughts and ideas. It’s what makes conversation interesting.

So this blog has taken me all day to write. I think I’ve rambled on enough for now. Have a nice evening.






So this blog is just a rant. No real substance.

Boy oh boy who knew this whole ecommerce was so dang difficult.

Well I didn’t know until I tried it. I am having such a hard time, but I am figuring it out as I go.

Trying to do this without costing me an arm and a leg. My goodness. All these sites say. SELL YOUR PRODUCT ONLINE EASY PEASY. Just sign up for free. Then you start signing up and they want you to upgrade in order to do this or that. They say build your web site in 543467884223556475 easy steps 😶

Let me just say unless you’re ADVANCED computer literate you WILL get a migraine staring at the screen trying to build a website off THEIR template.

And don’t even get me started on getting traffic to my site. I don’t have a clue where to begin on that subject. I’m just so flipping frustrated. 😖

It really shouldn’t be that complicated. Shoot If I was rich I could pay someone to set it up for me and fix all the glitches. But I’m not so theres that.

I will end this rant with free shipping has been added to my ecommerce site.






I challenged myself to write a blog everyday. This has become very challenging. I started blogging to promote my ecommerce store. Trying to do the whole “marketing” thing without paying an arm and a leg.

So here I am a new day and a blank mind. Doing this challenge. I am getting followers which is nice and much appreciated. I just wish I could get clients. I can make custum coffee mugs, beautiful gift baskets, beautiful wreaths. I have bib aprons that have sublimated designs on them. If you go look at my home page there are most of my items I have to offer. You can purchase them from there if you have a paypal account, or you can go to my online store, if you see something that interest’s you and you don’t have a paypal account. There is another option you can use. Thank you for your time.

The last two items in the above photo are sublimated aprons. They can be put on a coffee mug as well. I can do tumblers but am out of stock at the moment.

Here we go again


I believe I can see the future
‘Cause I repeat the same routine
I think I used to have a purpose
Then again, that might have been a dream I think I used to have a voice
Now I never make a sound
And I just do what I’m betold
I really don’t want them to come around, oh no. I can feel their eyes are watching
In case I lose myself again
Sometimes I think I’m happy here
Sometimes, yet I still pretend

This is lyrics to one of my favorite songs by Trent Reznor.

I don’t know the bands and artists from the 90’s and forward. But IN the 80’s, if I liked a band or an artist I was obsessed with knowing EVERYTHING I could about the band. But this song by Trent Reznor “fell” into my ear one day and as I listened to it, it touched on how I was feeling.

In that particular time I came across that song all I did was go to work everyday. 2 0’clock a.m. start, until finished. Go home eat, sleep and repeat. Years later now no job, trying to be a self employed person ( that’s an epic fail) because every day I look at my store stats and I MAY have one visitor. Of course I lie to myself and tell myself, you just need to find your niche. There are many things I’ve discovered that I can do, but the question is, WHAT is it the people in my demographic area are or audience WANT? What is it that will make them think “oh I would like that!” I had the great Idea to do gift baskets, coffee mugs, and hand crafted decorations. But it seems like it’s just a big flop. Epic fail.

To be honest most folks are in the same boat with this pandemic. Either they are unemployed, or their hours have been cut so the company they work for can stay afloat. I had a vision that THIS journey would allow me to stay home make a little income to carry my weight and still be able to take care of my mom. Which now brings to mind the old saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” or something to that effect. And don’t think I don’t see my frienemies peeping in on me now and again checking up on my failure. I SEE y’all.

Sometimes I am my own worst critic. I thought about selling sweets. So I started looking into what the laws and regulations are for doing that. I came across Texas Cottage laws. Turns out you can bake and sell AND ship certain foods from your home. But as far as shipping cookies and breads, you can ONLY ship in the state of Texas. There’s a list of what items are allowed, and for the most part as long as they are not temperature sensitive foods you are allowed to cook them in your kitchen and sell, or ship them. I also would have to list the ingredients, and inform the “client” that this was baked in an UN-inspected kitchen.

But, and here I go again. Shooting the idea down before it even had a chance. Would people buy food prepared in an uninspected kitchen? How and where would I get containers to ship, and wrap to keep the cookies, or breads fresh while shipping?

Ah well such as life. The fact is, UNLESS you are well of, you have to have money to make money, because you have to spend money to make money. That’s a sharp double edge sward.

Well there’s my daily blog. Have a great day everyone. 😂 I say everyone as if sooooo many people read my blogs 😂 😂 😂 I crack myself up.✌❤



Well folks it’s Monday. Probably one of the most dreaded days of the week. Well at least for the working class. (Lucky dogs)

I find it ironic in a funny kind of way. When we have a job we count the days until we can take a day off. We dispise Mondays, because now we have to go back to that dreaded job, and dealwith the people there. We find so many things wrong or things we dislike about going to work, we wish we didn’t have to go to work. But then, we realize. We are accustom to having a roof over our head, clothes on our back and food on the table, so we begrudgingly go to work. We put on our happy face 😶 and make the day. We arrive at work and for those of us who punch in we hit the clock and make a mental note 7 hours and 59 minutes to go.😶 ( that’s for the ones who know they only work 8hrs a day.) All the while we’re complaining and wishing to win the lotto so we DON’T have to work, there are people who wish they had a job.

Any way this was just a small rant of frustration due to uncertainty of how and where things are at this point. Also just me pushing myself to blog every day like I said I would. Oh and just so y’all know, most of these if not all of these blogs are just off the top of my head. Nothing is planned out as far as what I will be blogging about. So most of this blogging stuff is random thoughts.

Who knows if you guys keep coming back you might see how this blog evolves into some real type of content. For the most part I’m doing this in hopes folks will spread the word and get visitors to my online shop. Anyway y’all have a great Monday. Stay safe. See ya tomorrow. ✌❤


Follow for follow


So I am trying to build up followers. If you follow me I will follow you. I also will share your link. Together we can help each other. So lets share the love folks. Blessing to all.

Ok folks. I’m updating this and will be sharing this again.

First off I am new to this blogging. I am in fact trying new things and learning as I go.

First off there are a few things I would like for y’all to know. I am by nature an introvert. That means I am more of a shy reticent person. I tend to quietly think and often times over think and end up thinking myself out of saying or doing sonething. Basically setting myself up for failure. One of my worst attributes. However there are times when I feel comfortable around a person I will be inquisitive, or be my silly goofy self. But what I’m trying to do here is create a following. I am as honest as the day is long. No gimmicks or click bait. Now if you already have a big following that’s awesome. Kudos to you and all your hard work you put in to get your followers. The bottom line of what I’m saying here is….. Rather you have a big folowing or a small following, I will follow for follow and I will share and supprt your content if you would be so kind to do the same for me. I may have something interesting to blog about and one of your followes may find intersting. And the same goes for you and your content. So that being said, lets help each other. Much love and appreciation.